Announcement about the Security Awareness and the Solution of some matters

Dear TOPBTC Users:
Thanks for your trust as always. TOPBTC always regards the security as the most important mission to provide a convenient and reliable exchange for users. Recently, we have received many feedback from our users about email prompt for abnormal access of their accounts at our exchange. As soon as we reported this situation to the technology team, they checked these matters at once and the Risk Control System didn’t show any abnormalities.
As it may lead to potential insecure situations if your password of TOPBTC is the same as your accounts of other exchanges, we suggest you to set different password and reset it regularly and bind Google Authentication as well so as to strengthen the account security. TOPBTC has improved the security defense level to provide a more secured and more reliable exchange.
We are putting an eye on such insecure situations that our technology team conducted the survey and reported the related materials immediately after we received feedback of above situation. We will do our best to help our users to try to get back the loss, but at the same time we will collect relevant evidence and submit it to legal department if some users make malicious gossip and slander our exchange or our staffs for his own hand.
Following are part of our results of the survey:
Date:Oct-13-2018 12:14:23 PM
ETH Receiving Address:0xB5EdE111E9F6C855AbC2480962AA11a539097c14

Date: Oct-13-2018 02:23:59 PM
ETH Withdraw Address: 0xB5EdE111E9F6C855AbC2480962AA11a539097c14
Amount: 11.99351144 ETH
ETH Receiving Address: 0xb4f42c71ce5f8bb5778d3944622cfddd29b66cf3

Date:Oct-13-2018 03:10:10 PM
ETH Withdraw Address:0xb4f42c71ce5f8bb5778d3944622cfddd29b66cf3
Amount: 11.99351144 ETH
ETH Receiving Address: 0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be

This ETH Receiving Address: 0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0beis remarked as (Binance_1) by
Declaration: TOPBTC will not restore users’ password, so it is not possible if your password is revealed on account of the security of our exchange. Thanks for your support TOPBTC as always, please feel free to contact with our on-line customer service or send an email to at once if you have any problems, we will help to deal with your problems as soon as we receive your report.