About canceling transaction mining and TOPB voluntary withdrawal plan

About canceling transaction mining and TOPB voluntary withdrawal plan

Dear TOBPTC users:
TOPBTC is inseparable from the support of every user on the road of development.
Since the end of the TOPB snap on June 20, we have received great attention from everyone, and we respect each user's suggestions and opinions.

1, in view of the recent transaction mining has a lot of controversy, is not conducive to the long-term development of the platform, and the majority of users holding platform coins have a greater reaction, it is recommended to cancel the transaction mining, it is decided to adopt everyone's suggestion, cancel the transaction mining.

2, the TOPB characteristics remain unchanged:
(consistent with the website announcement on May 22, 2018)

First, the use of TOPB payment fee reduction of 50%;
(1) 10,000 ≤ TOPB holdings <100,000, 50% reduction fee;
(2) 100,000 ≤ TOBP holding amount <1,000,000, 90% reduction fee;
(3) The TOPB holding amount is ≥1,000,000, and the handling fee is reduced by 95%.

Second, vote on the currency, choose a quality currency;

Third, 50% of the platform's profits are continuously repurchased and destroyed;
The platform counts the repurchase amount every day, destroys it once a week, and publicizes it.

Fourth, the holder enjoys non-scheduled new project airdrops;

May 22, 2018 on the arrangement of TOBO online trading and snapping time
Introduction of TOPB characteristics of Golden Finance on May 29, 2018
Non-small website on May 22, 2018, about snapping up the TOPB announcement snapshot

About the TOBP withdrawal method details:
1. The principle of voluntary withdrawal of money.
2. The proportion of refunded money is returned to the original ratio of 1:5000 (1ETH=5000TOPB)
3. Remittance unified mail to t@topbtc.com mailbox for registration, we will verify the correct return of ETH to the original account within 24 hours
4. Deadline for withdrawal of money: July 17th, 2018, 15:00 (UTC+8)

The application for the refund format is as follows:
Account ID number:
login account:
The number of applications for refunding money: (The number of applications for refunding the currency cannot be greater than the available quantity for the account)